Joy Sprouts Releases “Whole child” development app for the iPad

Joy Sprouts announced that their first education app platform, Joy Sprouts, is now available exclusively for the iPad. Teaming up with North American early childhood educator, Joy Sprouts supports whole-person development and joyful learning for children aged 2-6 years old.

In Joy Sprouts, a child plays and learns from a wealth of well-balanced and interactive content while parents monitor their child’s progress based on the 40 domains elements pertaining in the U.S. Early Child Development Framework. “Currently parents have to search in the red sea of 250,000 apps for the iPad to find the right one for their kid,” said Suzanne So, founder & CEO of Joy Sprouts Ltd

“After the kid played with the stand alone app, parents have to engage in painstaking review again to find the next good one for their kid,” said So “We built a monitoring system around all in-app contents. After kids played with our in-app content, our proprietary system enables parents to understand the domains their child developed and give recommendation for the next best one for their child to ensure a well-balanced development.” Currently 10 in-app contents are available in Joy Sprouts and expecting at least 30 to be launch by 2012. “Joy Sprouts seriously commits to early childhood education and works with educators to ensure the child not only have fun but learn from our contents!,” said So.

Joy Sprouts is now available for free worldwide, with 4 free in-app contents and 6 paid contents, starting at US$0.99 and is priced according in other regions. Joy Sprouts is available from the Apple’s App Store for iPad.

Please visit for more Joy Sprouts’ information, including screenshots of the app and for more company information.

Joy Sprouts Ltd is the subsidiary of an established mobile consultancy, Joy Aether, based out of Hong Kong, was established in 2011 for the purposes of creating an effective holistic development and joyful learning for young children.

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