Saar-Lor-Lux Classique – European Historic Rally 2012

On the last weekend of May 2012 is dated 25 – 27 May the border triangle of Germany, France and Luxembourg back in the spotlight of international sport with historic vehicles. The 14th Issue of Int. Saar-Lor-Lux Classique – European Historic Rally – round out the 90 teams from Germany and neighboring European countries in the most beautiful areas in the border region with which it can perfect location marketing for the region. Patron of the Saar-Lor-Lux Classic, 2012 Mr. Philippe Cerf, Consul General of the French Republic for the Saarland. Almost all the German elite of the sport with historic cars battling for the fourth round of the German Cup Classic, the first division of the German classic sports as well as other international predicates for valuable points. Ideal for anyone who wants to get a whiff once in a great classic car event, the group of beginners. Without specific prior knowledge is the slightly shorter route mobile and an easy-to-find route complements the high fun factor. Small side streets, demanding routes and lovingly selected intervals, first class hotels and interesting tasks, and a worry-free form package by organizer Wolfgang Heinz now for 14 years, the ideal setting for this unique and largest classic car event in the southwest of Germany. 
The route to a destination, a List of participants and a detailed schedule of when the vehicles are where it’s on the web at . Of course, pleased the drivers and riders on the roadside waving fans, the Classique give it a great atmosphere and provide lasting memories.

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