The latest EU publications, web services, e-books and educational resources will be showcased on the EU stand at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

This year the EU stand (Hall 8.0, Stand M 906, 10-14 October) brings together the Publications Office of the European Union, the Council of the European Union, the Communication DG of the European Commission and Eurostat (the Statistical Office of the European Union).

In addition to informing citizens and professionals about the wealth of EU information and publications available, these institutions and services will be making contact with publishers and other information professionals at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

E-books and printed publications

The EU institutions have published e-books on a wide range of topics: from the EU treaties to children’s cartoon books. Titles include the consolidated versions of the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union, ‘Europe in 12 lessons’, a series of children’s cartoon books on the environment and a flip book of the popular children’s title ‘Let’s explore Europe!’

In addition to e-books, visitors to the stand can also discover a wide range of printed publications (up to 300 different titles). Among those on display are ‘The secret of success 2012: European SMEs as international champions’, ‘Key data on education 2012’ and ‘Figures for the future — 20 years of sustainable development in Europe’.

Web services

The EU institutions have made available a great many online information resources that are both free and easy to access. Many of these will be presented on the EU stand and include:

★★EU Bookshop:
(online access to publications of the EU institutions and agencies, in digital and printed formats)

(the website for consulting EU law and information notices)

(the Community Research and Development Information Service)

★★ TED:
(the official portal for thousands of business opportunities with public procurement)

★★ Eurostat:
(the website of the Statistical Office of the European Union, containing notably a vast range of statistical data)

Educational resources

A seminar has been organised with schoolbook publishers to see whether the EU can be of assistance to them in providing information about how the EU works.

Specific educational resources produced by the EU will also be showcased. These include:

★★‘ Kids’ Corner’

★★ ‘Teachers’ Corner’

★★ ‘Statistics explained’ explained

Looking for partners

With regard to the re-use of EU information, the EU institutions and services will also be reaching out to publishers and other information professionals with a view to possible publishing projects. These include a new collection of publications on the construction of Europe.

Find us all in Hall 8.0, Stand M 906, 10-14 October.


★★ Publications Office of the European Union:

★★ Council of the European Union:

★★ Communication DG, European Commission:

★★ Eurostat:

★★ Europa:

For online access to EU publications in digital and printed formats,
discover EU Bookshop (

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