Australian Dance Theatre in Luxembourg

© Chris Herzfeld – Camlight Production

What is the body and what can be done with the body. But, even more important, what do the eyes see when they look at the bodies and their movements. The body becomes free and not bound anymore to any physics.

Proximity is not a ballet, it’s a 360° performance: a full immersion experience where every single step and movement needs to be coherent with the whole story. Choreographer Garry Stewart worked with the Paris-based Video enginee Thomas Pachoud in order to create a dialogue for dance a video manipulation.

Nine extraordinary dancers not only perform but do also use the video camera to capture each others visibility.

The session held on January the 9th had some technical problems, but this did not damage in any way the flavour of the performance. Just a demonstration that bodies are not machines… and it’s not possible to control everything.


Elisa Cutullè

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