T20 Spring Roundtables | “International Finance: Still Fit for a Post-Pandemic World?


As states start to rebuild their economies, it is crucial to explore whether the global financial system is still fit for the needs of the post-pandemic world economy. A ‘check-up’ is required to escape the fate of future financial crises. What kind of instruments and tools are needed to meet the expectations of developing and advanced economies alike? Which measures should be taken by the G20 and key international institutions to ensure stability and fairness of the global financial system?

Tuesday, 8 June 2021, 02.00 pm (CEST)

Special Address

Kalyanaraman Rajaraman, Additional Secretary, International Economic Relations, Ministry of Finance, India

Panel discussion

Franco Bruni, Vice President, ISPI; Lead Co-Chair, T20 TF9 on International Finance, Italy
Tom Cardamone, President and CEO, Global Financial Integrity, United States
Ashish Kumar Chauhan, CEO, Bombay Stock Exchange, India
Shilpa Kumar, Partner, Omidyar Network India; former MD and CEO ICICI Bank Securities, India
Akshay Mathur, Director ORF Mumbai and Head of ORF Geoeconomics Studies Programme, India; Co-Chair, T20 TF9 on International Finance

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