Randolph’s Grin: The new single”VAMPIRE”

The Grin is back!

After their intl. debut “Intent” – which made it into the top 100 albums of the year 2017 of the german Sonic Seducer magazine and was named “surprise album of the year” in that same magazine, Heidi and Rob are back with a new, Halloween themed E.P. “VAMPIRE MODE” (Release 16th of November 2018 on 2808/Rough Trade).

After their successful European summer tour, which saw the band tour Europe including a co-headline concert at the finnish “Lumous-Festival” and a headline slot at the estonian “Pandiviere-Festival” – the band finished up their European trip with the recording of 5 new tracks at the Hamburg, Germany based Chameleon Studios, once again with Chris Harms and Benny Lawrenz.

The first track of the E.P., “VAMPIRE” was appropriately released on Halloween 2018 – the 31st of October – follwed by the full E.P. on the 16th of November.


02 – WITCH
05 – GHOST

Hard hitting beats, hip shaking melodies and lyrics that go straight into goosebumps territory, show a band in the form of their life.

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